Our Story

This group of civically motivated teenagers was inspired by our terrific 8th grade Civics teacher Mrs. Smolyn (She doesn’t know we are doing any of this, lets see if she leaves a comment when she finds out). She made sure we understood the importance of our civic responsibility and she also made the whole experience really fun. Then Coronavirus and Social distancing hit us all. We find on the newspaper the homeless populations were having a really hard time because several organizations were receiving limited donations and several were totally closed. We figured, for once, the Donators needed help Donating! so we came out with a logistically solution. Contactless donations pick ups. We decided to run as many drives as we can handle, and ask everyone we met help and ideas. We then created this website with the idea of expanding our area of reach, we hope Social media will help us fetch several more donators, volunteers and organizations in need. As we say in my hometown, It all goes to the same washing machine! And we have to take charge of the social needs as it is part of us. We’ve consistently grown since then, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community!