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Promote / Collect Donations in front of supermarket


We have found the more efficient way to get donations is by giving flyers away on supermarket's entrances. If you and a friend would like to volunteer doing this, that's one of the best ways to help! We'll give you flyers and you can do it at any time convenient for you and your team. You can set up a table at the entrance of any local supermarket you want, give flyers to the shoppers and wait for donations. We also suggest you place flyers in car's windshields.
Distribute Flyers and promote donations

Bring a table to any place you prefer and distribute flyers asking for monetary or physical donations. Download flyers and thank you forms from the drop-down menu under the volunteers tab. You are welcome to do this activity with your friends and at any time you want. Call Isabelle Alarcon at 201-708-3187 to drop off your donations. We can also provide you with a foldable table if you don't have one.

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